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The Erar srl society was constructed more than 50 years ago. In 2000 was  buy by actual members and became a partnership specialized in the distribution of buses and industrial motor-vehicles' spare parts.

The society is historically orientated in the delivery of spare parts in Italy and counts in its supplying firms both Italian and foreign important names.

The policy of the firm is fundamentally based on the quality of products and services. Moreover Erar srl takes advantage of a wide and well organized selling grid managed by qualificated representatives.

GART air springs and cabin's shock absorbers

DAYCO pulley and tightening pulley

FRAS-LE brake lining and brake block

SIFFERT brake lining

KNOTT complete braking system

ZEN disk brakes and drum brakes

BALDWIN air,oil,fuel filters

VALEO different materials

It has recently introduced the  E-KIP brand in Italian market. E-KIP is specialized in buses' shock-absorbers.

With this brand Erar srl wants to be one of the Italian leader's firm for what concern buses' shock-absorbers, and the future forecasts an extension through tractor,trailer and semitrailer.

Last but not least all these products are developed and fabricated according to OEM specifics.

In addition to the Monza's new centre, that accupies an about 2.000 mq space, Erar srl works also with a deposit in Padova. It relies on the society Stocchi Ricambi for its logistic needs in the Triveneto's area.